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Shining Light to the World

We are a non profit organization

Torah, Hashkafah, Halachah and Kabbalistic concepts for those who dare to think.

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Our Vision

To enlighten those who are looking for the spiritual world through Jewish hashkafah halacha and kabballistic concepts in a captivating online way. We are committed to promoting online classes, prayers, morality, tzedakah (charity), acts of chessed, loving your neighbor and world peace.

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Meam Loez

Classes taught by

Rabbi Morris Sasson

Likutei Tefillot

Prayers narrated by

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Say No To Lashan Harah

Class taught by 

Rabbi Mendel Kessin

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Importance of Self Love

Class taught by

Rabbi Sammy Sitt

Rabbi Nachmans Stories

Stories narrated by

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Method Of Learning

Class taught by 

Rabbi Sammy Sitt

This site is dedicated in loving memory of:

Avraham אברהם ben אליהו Eliyahu & Salha סלהא Massry

Moshe משה & Elyse (אֶסְתֵּר) Cohen


Lazzar לזר (Izzy) ben יִצְחָק Isaac & Beheyeh (betty) bat רגינה Regina Cohen


Frank and Anna חנה (Hannah) Parnes

Isaac יִצְחָק ben סלהא Salha 24th of Adar 1 2014 & Chava bat Elyse (אֶסְתֵּר) Massry 13th of Nissan 2015   

Joseph יוסף ben Hannah חנה Parnes March 6th 2017 Adar 8 

Harry (Aaron) אהרון ben Linda, November 27th 2012, 13th of Kislev 5773

Refael רפאל Rahamim רחמים ben רחל Rachel 14th of Tevet 5774

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